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Empowering corporates, credit institutions, and asset managers to measure, disclose, and improve their sustainability. Your one-stop reporting platform for EU Taxonomy, SFDR, NFRD/CSRD, EET, and all future emerging ESG Standards.

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The Greenomy Solutions 

Prepare your EU Taxonomy/SFDR report with our digital solutions Greenomy.

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Easily perform your company’s EU Taxonomy reporting, and start preparing your CSRD reporting. Calculate your EU Taxonomy alignment by Turnover, CapEx, and OpEx with verification from a qualified third party.


Use granular SFDR/EU Taxonomy aligned data directly from the companies in your portfolio to:

  • Automatically execute SFDR/EU Taxonomy screening of portfolios
  • Generate regulatory disclosure reports
  • Proactively manage the sustainability impact of your investments
  • Automatically retrieve and disseminate your EET reports

Integrate ESG factors into the entire life of a loan, from loan application and client due diligence through periodic loan review.
Screen the EU Taxonomy alignment of each individual loan or the overall loan book to compute your GAR and BTAR as well as manage the sustainability lending impact against policy objectives.


Leverage our Sustainability Expertise

Our team of Sustainability Experts can give you insights into everything you need to know about sustainable finance regulations, including the EU Taxonomy, SFDR and CSRD, as well as global developments.

Global Outreach
Greenomy Advisory Services

We provide tailored expert advice and guidance to help you get started with the EU Taxonomy and related disclosure regulations. Our Sustainability Experts help you to practically decipher and tackle the EU Taxonomy, understand the eligibility of your activities and set a strategic plan for reporting that integrates the Greenomy Solution and is optimised to your specific needs.

Global Outreach

Develop the local green taxonomy alignment tool and infrastructure. Use Greenomy’s SaaS solution as a basis and leverage our experience with the EU Taxonomy standards and disclosure requirements to tailor the tool & infrastructure to the local green taxonomy.

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"The Greenomy solution is easy to use. The step-by-step user guide is effective in generating a complete report in line with investors' expectations and the EU Taxonomy."


Jérôme Chosson, Corporate & Project Finance - Investor Relations, Akuo

"Greenomy is the most mature solution on the market for EU Taxonomy screening"


Head of Sustainability at leading global energy company

“As a solution provider, SCHUFA supports its corporate clients in meeting regulatory requirements and makes processes efficient, digital and convenient. The SCHUFA ESG Solution powered by Greenomy makes it possible to fulfil the disclosure requirements from the EU Taxonomy Regulation and give business partners a clear overview of the sustainability of their business. This is good for business and good for the environment”


Tanja Birkholz, CEO of Schufa Holding AG


Stay Up to Date with the Latest in Sustainability


March 23, 2023
CSRD Reporting for Non-EU Companies: What You Need to Know
Recent years have seen regulators across the world attempt to align regional and international disclosure standards regarding companies’ sustainability credentials. These efforts aim to ensure that companies trading in different jurisdictions are not overburdened by compliance costs and can rely on comparable data for reporting purposes. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the impact that the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) may have on non-EU companies and financial institutions’ EU activities.
March 23, 2023


February 20, 2023
Spuerkeess and Greenomy collaborate in enabling Luxembourg corporates to report and improve their sustainability
Spuerkeess, Luxembourg’s State bank, is working with Greenomy, a sustainable finance market infrastructure, to deliver sustainability reporting services to its Luxembourg-based corporate customers and measure its Green Asset Ratio as a bank. This will enable Spuerkeess’ corporate customers to easily perform their reporting according to the new Sustainable Finance regulations, such as the EU Taxonomy and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), as well as identify improvements in their overall sustainability and access the required financing.
February 20, 2023


February 17, 2023
The Essentials of SFDR: a Complete Guide to Accelerate Your Green Transition
The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) aims to improve the transparency around sustainable investments and requires financial market participants in the EU to make disclosures on environmental, social and governance (ESG) related activities at both entity- and product-level. As of January 2023, stakeholders also need to comply with the SFDR Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). Our latest SFDR e-book dives into what this means in practice and covers the key insights needed to get you started with your reporting journey.
February 17, 2023

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