Greenomy solutions for

Digital tools helping intermediaries expand their sustainability offering

Access data via API

Data providers, fintechs and other service providers can integrate our Taxonomy aligned data on companies, financial securities, funds and investment portfolios directly into their proprietary applications, data sets, and re-distribute the data to their customers


Integrate Greenomy widgets on your platform

Integrate a Taxonomy screening widget into your company’s applications to achieve Taxonomy screening for sustainability data created or used by your company’s operations or services


Optimise the accuracy and compliance of your sustainability data and minimise production cost using tried and tested sustainability applications  

Promote your services to Greenomy connected parties

The Greenomy platform seeks to connect all stakeholders involved in the sustainability ecosystem. Promotion of services between participants of the Greenomy network delivers synergistic value to all Greenomy connected parties:  

  • Optimise efficiency and breadth of access to and dissemination of data and analytics services for Greenomy network participants
  • Collaborate with Greenomy participants from multiple business sectors and activities to identify and develop new sustainability data and analytics services
  • Contribute to the creation of a European platform of sustainability applications by developing applications which leverage the granular Taxonomy aligned company data created and accessible via the Greenomy platform

Value proposition

Simple, cost effective and efficient data integration

  • Direct access to certified, granular Taxonomy aligned company data
  • Replace estimated and proxy sustainability data with certified Taxonomy aligned company data directly from the source
  • Rapid, feasible integration of data into your analytics, systems and apps via our API and widgets

EU Taxonomy alignment of company data

  • Company level Taxonomy data created according to Technical Screening processes, standards and thresholds
  • Taxonomy aligned data digitally certified by qualified third parties
  • Regulatory changes are continuously incorporated to ensure all data remains compliant

Promote proprietary services

  • Functional interaction with Greenony connected partners and clients
  • Integration and dissemination of your proprietary apps, analytics, augmented data sets across the Greenomy Platform

Built-in resources & human expertise

  • Direct access to Taxonomy definitions, requirements and thresholds for all commercial activities across all industries
  • All reference and functional information is updated to the most recent version of regulation
  • Human support from subject matter experts

Industry challenge

€2.1 Billion over 5 years

To achieve compliance with the new sustainability rules, the industry will have to invest in the transformation of data, operational and reporting systems

New Regulatory Standards

A significant amount of effort will be required to understand, apply and implement new standards and create the data required by the Taxonomy, SFDR and NFRD


Service providers may face timing and budgetary constraints with the addition of Taxonomy features into their offerings

No off-the-shelf solution

Tackling these challenges will require the collaboration of all stakeholders

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