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Digital tools helping financial institutions integrate sustainability

Collect company ESG data and screen portfolios

Investors have direct access to certified Taxonomy aligned data for every company or security in a portfolio.


ESG portfolio screening is automatically executed based on the weighting and taxonomy scores of the portfolio assets.


Investors can provide their investees with an efficient interface to transform their proprietary ESG data into Taxonomy aligned data. 


Portfolio analysis and report generation

Deliver effective portfolio sustainability information to all key stakeholders:

  • Customisable portfolio dashboards and data visualisation of all ESG factors in a portfolio
  • Detail and consolidation reporting of sustainability data across individual portfolio components, industry segments up to full portfolio
  • Create impact assessment reports to disclose quantifiable performance against portfolio impact objectives
  • Standardised sustainability disclosure reports are automated to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Seamlessly interact with third party validators to certify taxonomy alignment of portfolios and financial products
  • Automated and scheduled report distribution

Comparability and marketing

Certified taxonomy aligned portfolios improve product and firm marketing, comparability and overall sustainability disclosure:  

  • Product marketing, sustainability impact reporting and periodic disclosures are compliant with sustainability regulations
  • Product sustainability performance is quantifiably comparable to competitors, benchmarks and stated portfolio objectives, improving marketing and publicity to potential and existing clients
  • Portfolio sustainability objectives and impacts are managed, controlled, improved and reported more effectively

Value proposition

Simple, cost effective and efficient

  • Immediate access to certified, Taxonomy aligned company level data for all portfolio components
  • Replace non-compliant company sustainability data created by proxy and estimation
  • Highly structured, streamlined and efficient process enabling portfolio companies to provide required Taxonomy assessments
  • Automated portfolio screening

EU Taxonomy Alignment of company level data

  • Efficient, coordinated certification of Taxonomy reports
  • Integration and alignment between Taxonomy and SFDR reporting and disclosure
  • Direct access to support and reference material on EU Taxonomy requirements
  • Eliminate risk of non-compliance caused by portfolio companies not required to create Taxonomy alignment data

Reporting, Data visualisation and dissemination

  • Customise reports and online visualisation to meet needs of individual stakeholders, processes and functional requirements
  • Improve management and communication of sustainability improvement objectives and impact achieved
  • Optimise reliability of sustainability comparisons with benchmarks and competitors
  • Improve sustainability impact of fundamental functions including risk management, due diligence and asset selection

Built-in resources & human expertise

  • Direct access to Taxonomy definitions, requirements and thresholds for all commercial activities across all industries
  • All reference and functional information is updated to the most recent version of the regulation
  • Human support from subject matter experts to guide resolution of proprietary issues

Industry challenge

€2.1 Billion over 5 years

To achieve compliance with the new sustainability rules, companies and institutional investors will have to invest in the transformation of data, operational and reporting systems

New regulatory standards

A significant amount of effort will be required to understand, apply and implement new standards and create the data required by the Taxonomy and the SFDR

Lack of time

Institutional investors don’t have the time or human resource capacity to manually perform the Taxonomy screening on hundreds of companies in a single portfolio

No off-the-shelf solution

There is no single solution available to deliver the granular company level Taxonomy aligned data required by asset managers and institutional investors for both Taxonomy and SFDR compliance

Lack of resources

Sustainability experts with knowledge of the EU Taxonomy and SFDR are scarce and expensive

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