Integrating Sustainability into the Heart of your Portfolio Management

Greenomy’s Investor Portal empowers asset managers and insurance companies to integrate sustainability (EU Taxonomy, SFDR, and EET) into the heart of their products (portfolios & funds) and ultimately ensures the flow of funds towards sustainable activities.

Generate your Machine-Readable
EU Taxonomy/SFDR Report

The Greenomy investor portal enables you to compute your portfolio's eligibility/alignment in three simple steps and generate your machine-readable EU Taxonomy/SFDR report hassle-free. 

Upload your portfolios automatically into the Greenomy Investor Portal
Reach out to investees
Retrieve your machine-readable EU Taxonomy/SFDR report
Upload your portfolios automatically into the Greenomy Investor Portal

Don't waste time collecting all individual constituents' scores, our solution does it for you and automatically computes the portfolio's EU Taxonomy/SFDR scores.

Reach out to investees

An underlying position's score is missing? Don't worry, you will be able to request the investee's report directly into the portal and be automatically notified once completed.

Retrieve your machine-readable EU Taxonomy/SFDR report

You are done with your EU Taxonomy/SFDR screening!


Download the official reporting template already filled out with your metrics, in Excel, PDF, XBRL or JSON.

Prepare the EET with Greenomy

The EET (European ESG Template) developed by FinDatEx for financial market participants aims to provide the ESG data as defined by applicable EU regulation (SFDR, EU Taxonomy regulation, IDD and MiFID).


Enable distributors and intermediaries to fulfill their own requirements under SFDR and MiFID II.

Target fund investments

Enable manufacturers using underlying funds/financial product (FoF, MOP, mandates) to fulfill their own SFDR reporting requirements at products and entity level (PAI statement).


Enable insurers to fulfill their own requirements under SFDR and IDD.


ESG-related products and non-ESG products sold by European financial market participants (FMPs) with more than 500 employees.


Annually, following the updated frequency of pre-contractual & periodic reports, or after any material change.


Upload your portfolio(s) on Greenomy’s Investor Portal.


Retrieve your PAI assessment and EU Taxonomy scores.


Complete your pre-disclosure & periodic reports.


Access and complete your EET reporting. Download your EET report in one click.

What makes Greenomy unique?

The Most Mature Solution on the Market Today

Collect company ESG data and screen portfolios
Integrate your existing and new data providers
Portfolio analysis and reporting
Collect company ESG data and screen portfolios
  • Investors have direct access to certified EU Taxonomy/ SFDR data for every company or security in a portfolio.
  • ESG portfolio screening is automatically executed based on the weighting and EU Taxonomy scores of the portfolio assets.
  • Investors can provide their investees with an efficient interface to transform their proprietary ESG data into EU Taxonomy/SFDR aligned data.
  • Generate your SFDR PAI assessment at both product and entity level.
Integrate your existing and new data providers
  • Get additional insight with data from external data providers directly in the Greenomy Investor Portal.
Portfolio analysis and reporting
  • Data visualisation of portfolio's components, enabling comparison against peers, benchmarks, and stated portfolio objectives.
  • Official sustainability disclosure reports are automated to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Seamlessly interact with third-party certifiers.
  • Automated and scheduled report dissemination.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest in Sustainability

ESG Data

The European Single Access Point (ESAP): Putting data at investors' fingertips
The Capital Markets Union proposed new measures to boost Europe's capital markets and strengthen sustainable finance by creating a European Single Access Point.
June 23, 2022


SFDR: Product Level Disclosures
The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) stands as a core pillar of the European Green Deal’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan. This article will focus on the SFDR’s product-level disclosures, which form a key regulatory element of the SFDR and play a critical role in driving the regulation’s transparency aims.
August 4, 2022

ESG Data

MiFID II/MiFIR: Incorporating Sustainability Preferences in Financial Advice
From 2nd August 2022, under the amended directive MiFID II, investment managers must align and disclose financial instruments’ “sustainability factors” with their client’s sustainability preferences. This article will discuss what this new ESG reporting requirement means for investment managers.
August 11, 2022

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