Empowering Credit Institutions to Integrate Sustainability into their Core Business

The Greenomy Lender Portal allows Credit Institutions to measure, disclose, and improve sustainability within their individual loans and their banking books, channelling the redirection of financing towards more sustainable activities.

Easy and Automated

Compute your Green Asset Ratio (GAR) in three simple steps and generate your machine-readable EU Taxonomy report.

Upload your loans to your banking book automatically
Screen retail loans and interact with corporate borrowers
Retrieve your machine readable EU Taxonomy report
Upload your loans to your banking book automatically

Don't waste time collecting all individual loan positions scores, our solution does it for you and automatically computes your GAR.

Screen retail loans and interact with corporate borrowers

Quickly (bulk) screen retail loans towards households (mortgage, vehicles loans, etc) and engage with corporate borrowers directly through the platform.

Retrieve your machine readable EU Taxonomy report

You are done with your EU Taxonomy screening! 

Download the official reporting template already filled out with your metrics, in Excel, PDF, XBRL or JSON.

What makes Greenomy unique?

The Most Mature Solution on the Market Today

EU Taxonomy eligibility/alignment
White label the Greenomy infrastructure into your lending process
EU Taxonomy eligibility/alignment

Enabling credit institutions to:

  • Compute Green Asset Ratio (GAR) and supporting KPIs
  • Provide an automated interface to corporate borrowers to create and deliver EU Taxonomy-aligned data
  • Seamlessly interact with third-party validators to certify EU Taxonomy alignment of loans
  • Engage directly with your borrowers to enhance sustainability performance
  • Retrieve internal and external Taxonomy scores from SMEs and private companies to automatically compute your EBA Pillar III’s BTAR
White label the Greenomy infrastructure into your lending process
  • Provide your customers with your branded digital interface to transform their proprietary ESG data into certified EU Taxonomy-aligned data
  • Integrate into your bank's IT systems while customising the interface to your specific needs
  • Receive continuous updates to your portal based on the latest regulatory developments

Helping You Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Discover how Greenomy's Lender Portal helped our customers streamline their reporting journey, simplify data gathering, and enhance the client experience.

“ The transition to a more sustainable economy is the challenge of the decade, Spuerkeess and Greenomy’s collaboration will help Luxembourg-based businesses transition to net zero. By connecting to the Greenomy infrastructure, we have not only simplified our task as a bank to comply with the new Sustainable Finance regulations but also improved our customers’ access to green financing. ”


Rudi Belli
Head of Sustainability at Spuerkeess

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Empowering Credit Institutions to integrate sustainability to their core business.

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