We are your portal for (re)insurance undertakings

(Re)insurers can screen their investments with accurate real-time data, as well as easily screen their (non-life) underwriting activities


How does Greenomy answer all your needs

You need

To screen your non-life insurance activities (underwriting KPI)


Computes the EU Taxonomy alignment scores of your non-life insurance products benefiting from our user management and automatic report generation capabilities and reducing drastically the time and cost of compliance

You need

Screen your investment products (investment KPI)


Compute the EU Taxonomy alignment scores of your investment products (IBIPS) by collecting EU Taxonomy data points straight from the investee company. Connect to your data provider to benefit from their additional coverage

You need

Distribute EU Taxonomy scores at IBIPS and entity level


Distribute your EU Taxonomy reports to financial partners of your choice seamlessly

You need

To comply with SFDR for article 6, 8 and 9 IBIPS


Compute your PAI statement (at product and entity level) by collecting ESG KPIs straight from investee companies and connecting to your data provider. Generate your pre-contral and periodic reports in their official format into the portal.

You need

To produce your EET (European ESG Template) report


Streamline your EET report generation from your EU Taxonomy and SFDR exercise.

Discover our Solutions

Company Portal

Bringing sustainability to the heart of your business. 

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Investor Portal

Integrating sustainability to the heart of your portfolios and assets. 

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Lender Portal

Empowering Credit Institutions to integrate sustainability to their core business.

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Auditor portal

Empowering auditors to incorporate sustainability into their offering .

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We deliver the digital tools needed to help financial institutions integrate sustainability.

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Global Outreach

Building the ESG Market Infrastructure for tomorrow's economy.

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