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Our methodology
Bottom up approach

Granular, Taxonomy aligned company level data is the necessary foundation for any strategy 
that plans to achieve a positive social and environmental impact. 
We use the following approach to achieve this:

Align raw data

• Upload company raw data and documents
• Understand how the Taxonomy applies to a company’s proprietary activities 
• Automated Technical screening aligns raw data to Taxonomy

Certify and Analyse

• Obtain third party certification of Taxonomy aligned data 
• Analyse Taxonomy data, identify alignment strengths and weaknesses 
• Set objectives, priorities and plan for improvement 
• Define sustainability KPIs to measure progress 

Execute, Manage, Improve

• Regular analysis of sustainability impact against targets 
• Compare sustainability KPIs to industry, benchmarks and competitors 
• Revise objectives and plan to incorporate new data, including progress 

Reporting & Disclosure

• Disseminate sustainability impact reporting to all stakeholders 
• Complete regulatory reporting on time 

Greenomy makes Taxonomy alignment of granular, company and financial product data simple, cost effective and dynamic for all stakeholders

Key challenges for ESG Data management
  • Access to corporate ESG Data
  • Validation of data
  • Cleaning and transforming to standardised definitions (e.g. EU Taxonomy)
  • Continuous improvements and updates as standardised definitions evolve
  • High cost access transformation, maintenance and storage for both corporates and investors
Processed data

ESG/Sustainable finance expertise

ESG data
Pool external data
  • ESG Data providers
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Specialised softwares
  • IoT/Sensors
  • Controversies screening
Import internal data
  • Company reports
  • Company software/ESG database/ERP
  • Accounting
  • Audits/certifications
  • Surveys
Automated & customised reports

Sustainability/non-financial reporting

Supporting format: PDF, XBRL, CSV, XLS

Transition tool

Beyond compliance, Greenomy helps organisations use the reported data 
to guide them along the Taxonomy's transition path to carbon neutrality and full sustainability by 2050

Taxonomy data


continuous improvement
Identify materiality
Set strategy
Report disclosure
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Greenomy empowers companies and financial institutions to integrate sustainability according to the EU Taxonomy

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