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Greenomy streamlines the collection, sharing, and analysis of ESG data to automatically assess all stakeholders' compliance with the 

EU Taxonomy, CSRD, and SFDR.

What makes greenomy unique?

Connecting Companies & Financial Institutions in a Common Infrastructure

Creating, sharing, and analysing ESG-aligned data requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders, however, the network of stakeholders and dependencies can become complex.


Our cloud-based infrastructure facilitates automated interactions and coordination between all stakeholders to ensure access to EU Taxonomy/CSRD, SFDR aligned data for all.


Leveraging Certified Reported Data to Guide your Transition Towards a More Sustainable Future

Collect and certify company-aligned raw data

Granular EU Taxonomy-aligned data is the necessary foundation for any strategy aiming to achieve a positive social and environmental impact. 

Greenomy collects EU Taxonomy-aligned data, reported by non-financial companies via the Greenomy Company Portal.

Disseminate data to all stakeholders

Greenomy helps financial institutions to generate their reports automatically based on accurate and relevant data reported by other stakeholders from inside and outside the ecosystem.

Analyse your strengths and weaknesses on sustainability objectives and compare with peers

Improve your strategy to reach your sustainability objectives by predicting your future alignment and compare scores with peers.

Adapt your strategy based on tailored recommendations

Based on your activities and state-of-the-art process engineering knowledge, Greenomy supports non-financial companies in their transition towards a more sustainable future and financial institutions in their screening of truly sustainable opportunities.

Discover our Solutions

Company Portal

Bringing sustainability to the heart of your business. 

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Investor Portal

Integrating sustainability to the heart of your portfolios and assets. 

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Lender Portal

Empowering Credit Institutions to integrate sustainability to their core business.

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Auditor portal

Empowering auditors to incorporate sustainability into their offering .

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We deliver the digital tools needed to help financial institutions integrate sustainability.

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Global Outreach

Building the ESG Market Infrastructure for tomorrow's economy.

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