The Greenomy Academy is a free educational platform designed to support corporations and financial market professionals tasked with understanding the EU Taxonomy and its related disclosures (SFDR, CSRD, EET).


Our courses help professionals advance their knowledge and mastery of the EU Taxonomy, as well as how to implement the reporting process in practice using Greenomy’s solution. Participants gain access to exclusive material, earn a Greenomy certification of completion, and empower themselves to successfully complete their sustainable finance reporting.

What to expect

What to expect

The EU Taxonomy is a classification system that defines whether an economic activity can be considered sustainable. Together with the SFDR and the CSRD, the EU Taxonomy calls for financial institutions and corporations to screen, assess, and report on their sustainable performance and alignment with the regulation.

The increasingly high demand for sustainable products means that corporations and financial institutions need to both understand the EU Taxonomy, the CSRD, and the SFDR, as well as access and develop the right tools to implement them.

This is where the Greenomy Academy has got you covered. With our courses, you will gain the necessary expertise and have all the right tools to bring your company’s sustainability performance to the next level.

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Our courses give you a technical overview of the EU Taxonomy and how it is being applied by corporates and financial institutions. Dive into the Greenomy SaaS solution and learn how to use our platform to save both time and costs in effectively completing your EU Taxonomy reporting. Courses include practical use cases and examples to concretely visualize what you need to do to get you ready to become EU Taxonomy aligned.

What is in it for you

The Greenomy Certification

The Greenomy Certification


Sustainable Finance and the Role of the EU Taxonomy


Implementing the EU Taxonomy


Industry Challenges


Greenomy's platform

Complete the course and receive your Greenomy Academy guaranteed certificate of completion!

Leverage our Team’s Sustainability Expertise and Industry Experience

Our Greenomy course leaders are experts on the EU Taxonomy and have first hand knowledge and understanding of how it works in practice. We directly work with practitioners, including corporations and financial institutions that are already benefiting from our market infrastructure and using the Greenomy solution to screen and assess their investments and undertakings to complete their alignment reporting.

Greenomy is an appointed member of the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG), a member of the leading greentech network, xBRL, a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and is part of the FCA Regulatory Sandbox.


We also partner with EU Taxonomy experts and advisory firms that have expertise in the sustainable finance and ESG sector.

The greenomy certification

After graduate

After graduate

Get closer to your sustainability goals

Understand what is expected from you in meeting your sustainable finance goals, set your timeline, activities, KPI’s and long term target.

Increase your efficiency

Empower yourself to cut both time and costs in complying with the EU Taxonomy with the help of the Greenomy solution.

Set yourself apart

Gain EU Taxonomy credibility and expand your customer base. Get started with, or provide your customers, with our one-stop-shop reporting tool with the Greenomy solution.

Grow your knowledge and skills

Gain first hand industry insights and boost your EU Taxonomy know-how. Receive our regulatory materials, user manual, and EU Taxonomy guide.

Boost your earning and sustainable finance potential

Growing your skills and using the Greenomy tool can translate into increased earnings from your customer base or increased sustainable finance streams from financial institutions.

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