Bringing Sustainability to the Heart of your Business

The Greenomy Company Portal allows your company to easily perform its activity screening, calculating your EU Taxonomy eligibility/alignment by Turnover, CapEx, and OpEx.

Our mission is to help you measure, disclose, and improve your sustainability.

Generate your Machine-Readable 

EU Taxonomy/CSRD Report

The Greenomy Company Portal allows you to compute your Turnover, CapEx, and OpEx eligibility/alignment in three simple steps and generate your machine-readable EU Taxonomy/CSRD report hassle-free.

Upload your company data into the Greenomy Company Portal
Add and screen your economic activities
Retrieve your machine-readable EU Taxonomy report
Upload your company data into the Greenomy Company Portal

Upload your entire group structure at once and forget about consolidating the data, our solution generates consolidated scores automatically.

Add and screen your economic activities

Quickly identify and add your economic activities, then follow the flow!
You will only see the criteria applicable to you and be supported by our additional information.

Retrieve your machine-readable EU Taxonomy report

You are done with your EU Taxonomy screening!

Download the official reporting template already filled out with all computed KPIs, in Excel, PDF, XBRL or JSON.

What makes Greenomy unique?

The Most Mature Solution on the Market Today

Most Mature Solution
Most Mature Solution

"The Greenomy solution is easy to use. The step-by-step user guide is effective in generating a complete report in line with investors' expectations and the EU Taxonomy."


Jérôme Chosson from Akuo


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Sustainability Benefits: A Corporate Perspective
True North has shifted. There is a valuable opportunity to capture here, and if businesses don’t adjust their bearings, they will become lost and left behind.
June 15, 2022

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Bringing sustainability to the heart of your business. 

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