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Digital tools helping companies integrate sustainability 

Digitalise the creation, certification and management of your Taxonomy aligned data

A well structured methodology and highly automated digital process guides users to:

  • Load and store company ESG data and supporting documentation onto the platform
  • Execute Taxonomy Technical Screening for all eligible activities
  • Obtain certification of taxonomy aligned data from qualified third parties and auditors

Robust support and reference is provided through the entire process including access to:

  • Regulatory details and explanations of each activity assessed
  • Quantitative and qualitative threshold criteria for each activity component

Disseminate data and distribute customised reports to all stakeholders

A full range of tools to enable effective communication and dissemination of sustainability information to meet the needs of both internal and external stakeholders:

  • Detailed and consolidation reporting of sustainability data across business units teams, legal entities up to group level
  • Customisable dashboards and data visualisation for management control and reporting
  • Dissemination of detailed sustainability data elements for use by downstream systems
  • Automated and scheduled report distribution


Standardised and certified regulatory reporting

Greenomy's standardised sustainability reporting functionality makes regulatory compliance easy and highly efficient:

  • Generate standardised, machine readable sustainability disclosure reports to meet regulatory requirements
  • Reports are digitally certified by external auditors and third parties prior to regulatory submission
  • Work flow and scheduling ensures report generation and certification is executed quickly and efficiently

Actionable insights & continuous improvement

Leverage Taxonomy aligned data to continuously improve company sustainability factors: 

  • Align sustainability KPIs with corporate strategy and sustainability objectives
  • Compare internal sustainability KPIs with competitors, benchmarks and industry best practice guidelines
  • Plan, prioritise and set sustainability performance targets
  • Integrate Taxonomy aligned performance data into process to monitor progress
  • Execute the plan, measure and report the results
  • Repeat — assess the results and revise the plan accordingly to make further improvements.

Value proposition

Simple, cost effective and efficient

  • Create certified, taxonomy aligned company level data
  • Highly structured, streamlined and auditable data transformation process
  • Automatic collection, cleaning and analysis of relevant ESG data improves data quality and mitigates risk of human error
  • More time for analysis than reporting and cross-checking
  • Significantly lower cost than developing or buying a system

EU Taxonomy alignment of company level data

  • Proprietary data is transformed and certified to be taxonomy aligned
  • Direct access to support and reference material on EU Taxonomy requirements
  • Support and reference material is customised to a company’s specific activities
  • Improved access to EU investment and lending for companies not required to disclose taxonomy alignment but seeking EU investment or lending

Reporting, data visualisation and dissemination

  • Customise reports and online visualisation to meet needs of individual stakeholders, processes and functional requirements
  • Improve analysis, management and execution of sustainability improvement objectives
  • Optimise reliability of sustainability comparisons with benchmarks and competitors
  • Mitigate compliance risk with audited, timely and automatic generation of Taxonomy disclosure

Built-in resources & human expertise

  • Direct access to Taxonomy definitions, requirements and thresholds in each screen during each step of the technical screening and reporting process
  • All reference and functional information is updated to the most recent version of regulation
  • Human support from subject matter experts to guide resolution of proprietary issues

Industry challenge

€2.1 Billion over 5 years

To achieve compliance with the new sustainability rules, companies and institutional investors will have to invest in the transformation of data, operational and reporting systems

New regulatory standards

A significant amount of effort will be required to understand, apply and implement new standards and create the data required by the Taxonomy and the SFDR

Lack of time

Companies don’t have the time or human resource capacity to manually perform the Taxonomy screening to create the granular data required by the Taxonomy

No off-the-shelf solution

There is no automated, systematic solution available today to feasibly execute corporate Taxonomy screening

Lack of resources

Sustainability experts with knowledge of the EU Taxonomy are scarce and expensive.

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