On a Mission to Accelerate the Transition 

to a Carbon-Neutral Future

Sustainability lies at the core of Greenomy. Explore our purpose and how it’s positively shaping Greenomy’s impact, as well as the different awards and industry initiatives we proactively participate in.


Our Purpose

Why does Greenomy exist?

We accelerate and strengthen the transition to a sustainable economy by providing relevant and reliable information to all stakeholders.

Walking the talk

Sustainability is at the very core of our foundations and we're on our own path to create positive change:

  • We are currently pending our EcoVadis Certification and BCorp Certification.
  • Greenomy is using Greenly, a BCorp certified company to measure, track and report its carbon footprint following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in order to reduce our emissions.
  • We believe that no one has to feel as if they have to hide at work, this is why we promote a diverse, flexible and inclusive workplace, where we commit to create a culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and able to bring their full selves to Greenomy.
  • Greenomy is actively participating as a member of Women in Finance and committing to support the goals of the Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance (NZFSPA).


We have been recognised internationally by multiple industry awards.

Advocating with

We are members of renowned industry initiatives within Europe but also globally.

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